The Irreverence of Caffeine

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Cap’s Avengers suit hoodie: “I think a unisex small would fit you just fine,” the clerk says. It doesn’t. The sleeves hang past my fingers and it bags under my arms. “I could take this home and sew up both side seams and re-set the sleeves,” I tell him, “but I’m not paying $60 for the chance to basically make my own.”

So I pull out a cute chibi!Steve shirt, thinking surely this screams fem cut. “We only have those styles in unisex large and extra large,” the clerk tells me.

Yeah. I’m sure you have a lot of big men clamoring to wear chibi!Steve. A lot more than any women.

  1. fallenwithstyle said: also “I think a unisex would fit you fine” PROBABLY translates to “you’re kinda flat-chested” so eugh again
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  3. electrickitten said: Translation: We only expected fat kids/adults to be our customers. Its SDCC for gosh sake, one of the largest conventions in the nation.
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